Thursday, 20 July 2017

Teacher Thank You Gift.

Hey people. A quick post from me this week.

End of term is looming and its a crazy time in my many things going on!
Twin number one decided that she wanted to make her teacher a gift to say thank you for a great year. This got left to the last minute (and got left to me!) So.......i incorporated The making of a gift with my Calico make.......and this is what i rustled up!

This is the larger style of the MDF trug kits......wouldn't fit many sweeties in the smaller one!

I started by priming all pieces and both sides with gesso......and then literally just doodled with paint on the four sides and handle!

I wasn't quite happy with my random i heat dried them.......and carried on doodling on top!

All the doodling was done with acrylic paint. I then used a watercolour to fill in any white spaces.

I then used a black fountain pen to add a few dots and circles.

The entire piece was then covered in a glaze to stop the water colour from running should it come into contact with water.

Now, all i have to stop Iris from eating all the sweets before handing over her little thank you gift!

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used
Plain MDF Trug Kit in large

Monday, 17 July 2017

An Owl Princess - altered anchovy tin by Julie Ann

Hello, it's my Monday at Calico Craft Parts Blog, my favourite place to be! Today I have another little anchovy tin shrine to share.

An old friend and I have been researching fairy stories together, exploring recurrent themes and situations and then coming up with our own tales. I'm fascinated by stories of metamorphosis that often seem to express how we long to emulate animals with their gifts of flight, speed and agility. I love to create hybrid creatures in my art work and for this project I created a human princess, imprisoned by her evil magician uncle. By night she escapes through her casement window to become wise queen of the owls, counselling the creatures, free to glide above the trees in the moonlight.

The craft project provided me with plenty of ideas for my story! Here is my anchovy tin, painted and lined with some card with stencilling in clear 3D Gel Medium. Behind it you can see the branches of one of the beautiful,large Calico skeleton tree MDF shapes. I just loved the effect of those branches stretching out and I knew I wanted this as my basis. I painted the tree in different shades of green acrylic and melted gold UTEE on the tips of the branches to symbolise the moonlight.

Next it was the fun part, gathering Calico art parts that would help me tell my story. I am completely in love with these little grey-board hearts. They are so adaptable. At first I had intended to use the blue, stamped heart as a skirt until I changed direction and decided to really emphasise the Princess's owl wings.

Here are the wings, some of her owl attendants and the rambling roses from around her bower.

Bead Gel either side of the tin helped create a textured background. These tiny keys have been threaded through with fine copper wire and - with some gilding - they have the look of real metal keys. I used layers of paint, sanding and dry brushing with a translucent brown acrylic to age my tin. I touched the owls' wings with gilding to suggest the moonlight on their feathers.

The rose patterned heart became the Princess's coat of arms in the finished project. Fragrant roses climb about the walls of the tower where she is imprisoned and grow through the lock on her door.

My story is still a work in progress, but I have fixed a hook on my anchovy tin shrine and have it on the wall close to my desk to inspire me as I write my fairy tale. Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you're enjoying your summer. I will be returning in a fortnight's time with a new project to share with you. Until then I wish you happy and creative days!
Calico Craft Parts used in this project
Skeleton Tree MDF Wood Shape Style 10, Large
Thorned Rose Scroll, Flora and Fauna Flourish Style 24
Sheet of  mini MDF wooden keys and escutcheons
Sheet of mini MDF wood wings style 3
Hearts mini Greyboard Shapes
Sheet of mini MDF wood owl shapes
Flying Barn Owl Wood Shape style 3

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Sweet Art Doll by Jennie

Hello everyone and welcome to a fun little project today!

I had so much fun making my glamorous (Gibson) art doll that I thought I would try a smaller one to keep her company.  I have tried some slightly different techniques this time but I must say she is a bit contrary in terms of getting her photo taken! 

I wanted to use some old book paper for her body and it was very easy to draw around the shapes in the board once the body had been popped out for painting.

As she is one of the smaller dolls I used chalk paints to paint the rest of her body as I felt crackle might be a bit overpowering.

Her skirt is made up of three leaf stamps which I have stamped on linen and then layered over some netting.  A piece of narrow ribbon and then the flower hides all the glued edges!

Unlike some of the team here I am absolutely no good at drawing and painting faces so I went through just about ALL my stamp collection to find a head that fitted! It was a lovely exercise and I actually discovered stamps I had completely forgotten all about.  This was one of my very first stamps purchased about eight years ago. 

I think she will make a good companion for my Gibson girl even though they couldn't sit alongside each other for a photograph !

As always thank you for joining me.

Happy crafting!

Jennie x

Live The Dream

Calico Craft parts Used:

Monday, 10 July 2017

Sun, Sea & Sand - by Claudia

Servus, hi and welcome, dear Calico Craft Parts friends! I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays as much as I do!

I love the vintage "bathing beauties" in their gorgeous dresses and when I found this lovely image in the internet, I knew it had to go with one of Calico Craft Parts' lovely "House Kits" and at least one of Helen's awesome and brand new "Word Elements"!

Calico Craft Parts used: 

- Plain MDF House/Shrine Kit - Tall (the "small" size)
- Word Elements - Summer & Seaside
- To the Beach Signpost Wood Shape
- Sheet of Mini MDF Nautical Motifs - Style 1
- Sheet of Mini MDF Nautical Motifs - Style 6

I sealed the completely dried printed out image of my bathing beauty with a thin coat of DecoArt media Ultra Matte Varnish to prevent the printer's ink from bleeding and smudging when tinting the black and white image with a thin wash of DecoArt media Transparent Red Iron Oxide fluid acrylic.
Once that was done and dry I carefully cut out my beauty (using a precision knife).

I used white DecoArt heavy body Acrylic Gesso and dry brushed that onto all the parts I wanted to use. As I have only a little Gesso left in the jar, it is already quite dry and it created a wonderfully textured and smudged effect - simply by painting it on with an old and worn bristle brush. I also used the effect of the MDF bleeding through a little when being painted with only one layer of white Gesso - that added a lot to the worn vintage look I was aiming for! 

I painted the stripes (freehand) using diluted DecoArt media Burnt Umber fluid acrylic and a flat soft brush.

Once all was dry, I stacked several sticky foam pads to glue my beauty in place. 
Then I went in with a soft brush and a wash of Transparent Red Iron Oxide here and there for more interest.

Once everything had dried all the pieces were glued together and in place using matte Decou-Page. 

I even used the left over from the house kit's front opening as the base for my little beauty in her beach hut:


Thank you so much for stopping by today! Enjoy a happy time with loads of "Sun, Sea & Sand" (or whatever else makes you happy)!!!

Hugs and happy crafting!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Mixed Media Board by Lesley

Hey peeps. Lesley here with a mixed media board for you.

So loving the new "Word Elements"..........and i knew i had to create a piece where i could incorporate one. This is what i made........

I started by priming a 9"x12" board with gesso.

Next i took some water reactive paint in various shades of brown, and added them to the board adding some water as i went. Once i was happy with the coverage, i heat dried it.

I used some green paint a stencil for the lines down the centre of the board.

I then applied a few rub-ons to some areas.

I stamped onto some tissue paper and glued it down with some matt medium.

Next i added a torn strip of handmade paper.

Then, it was onto adding my craft parts. I used the frame of an arched ATC for my girls to sit on.
And the word elements sat on top. I added a little charm.

Underneath, i added a rose with leafy vines, and added a touch of gold wax to finish.

Thanks for reading.

Ingredients used
Rose with leafy vines
Arched ATC
Word Elements, travel and explorer

Monday, 3 July 2017

Inspired by Venus - summer wall hanging by Julie Ann

It's great to be back at the Calico Craft Parts Blog and today I'm feeling in a very summery mood! I've been spending lots of time in my garden, enjoying my plants and garden statues and dreaming of summer in Italian gardens!

I love all the summer-themed craft parts that have been appearing in the Calico shop and I really wanted to create a project that featured shells. The large scalloped sea-shell; summer in my garden and the art of Sandro Botticelli along with the very pretty young foxes who snooze on my shed roof somehow all combined to form this Calico project!

Please click here for a link to the Botticelli artwork that inspired my 'foxy' Venus! I'm sure you have seen the goddess, stepping fully grown from a shell with her attendants scattering roses around and tiny waves lapping her toes. That painting has always evoked the beauty of an Italian summertime for me. I created a rather 'foxy' Venus to help me put a new spin on a much loved work of art.

I grabbed lots of Calico Craft parts for this one, mixing up different elements. I was also excited to use the brand new 'Word Elements' that have just arrived on all different themes and which you can find here. I chose the Summer and Seaside ones, but do check out the many topics on offer.

For the flowing locks, I snapped off the scrolls either side of the rose featured here. I used part of this corner flourish for the waves either side of the shell.

As Venus is the goddess of Love, it seemed appropriate to give her a grey board heart for a face. The ears are actually from a little trio of hares! The face is my own art work.

Everything, including the small jointed art doll style 2, was given a coat of Gesso.

I mixed a pearl glaze with some hints of blue and pink acrylic paints to create a pearly impression. So that Venus would look a little more as if she was stepping out of a Renaissance canvas I painted her body with a crackle glaze.

These spiral shells were painted with a pearl glaze and decorated with an aqua frantage melted at the top and the bottom.

Once all my elements were ready and I had drilled a couple of holes at the top of the shell with my Dremel, I threaded through some thin copper wire to create a hanging. With a little gilding on the edges Venus was all ready to step into the world and introduce us to the joys of love.

I thought foxy Venus was complete when I had added tiny pearls to her joints, but there was something missing. All at once it came to me - she needed a bushy tail! I created one for her from a squirrel mdf wood shape (style 18) and she was ready! The Word Element read, 'Happiness comes in Waves' and I threaded it through the copper wire: you could also use these with ribbon or twine. I do hope you have enjoyed meeting my foxy Venus today and that you are having a wonderful summer. See you in 2 weeks' time.
Calico Craft Parts used in this project
Large scalloped shell
Baroque corner flourish
Art Doll, small, style 2, jointed
Rose with scrolls
Squirrel Wood Shape, style 18
Grey Board Heart
Family of hares
Spiral Shells
Word Elements Seaside and Summer