Thursday, 14 December 2017

Christmas Angel Bauble by Jennie

The month of December is fairly running away with us now and around our house little bits of Christmas are appearing here and there.  The tree is not yet up so I thought it would be an ideal time to make a little Christmas Angel Bauble to hang on it.

I chose the smallest of the little Angels which sits so beautifully on the middle sized MDF bauble.

The MDF bauble was given a coat of gold acrylic paint before being crackled with DecoArt Weathered Wood. I wanted to keep the background as light as possible, so used a very white acrylic paint for the top coat crackle.  It looks more woody in real life! I then edged the bauble with a gold pen and added some text stamping here and there with a light gold ink.

I used the same colours on the little Angel but first gave her a coat of gesso which I left blank on her arms and face as they had a light pinkish hue (much better than trying to find a skin colour amongst my paints!). I did add a little sparkly crackle to her wings.

I layered the Angel on some foam pads which allowed me tuck some vintage elements in and around her and which also left room to add a small sentiment.

I finished off with a few micro beads for a bit more textural interest.

I think this would make a lovely gift at Christmas either for hanging on the Christmas Tree or adorning a present as a tag, particularly as the bauble and angel are so very inexpensive. So do have a look at how you can use Calico Craft Parts for your christmas tags.

Thank you for joining me today at this busy time and happy crafting!

Jennie x

Calico Craft Parts used:

Monday, 11 December 2017

Christmas Box Frame - by Claudia

Servus and merry Christmas to you, dear Calico Craft Parts friends!

Christmas is fast approaching and I gladly managed to create another piece to decorate my home with to celebrate the advent season. It was a rather quick project, but due to  Calico Craft Parts' fab Birch Plywood Box Frame Kit I used it has become a real eye-catcher on my wall.

 I had this gorgeous red toy car that my mom brought one of my uncles from her stay as an au pair near Oxford when she was young and it had been sitting on one of my book shelves for ages - now it has found its perfect home, hasn't it?

Calico Craft Parts used:

I started with loosely brushing on white DecoArt media Gesso onto the plain parts of the Box Frame Kit using a very worn wide bristle brush to create visible brush strokes and texture. 

Once the Gesso had dried I masked the frame section of the back panel with masking tape and added some white DecoArt media Crackle Paint through a snowflakes stencil with a palette knife. I put the panel on the radiator to let everything dry. 

The other gessoed pieces were given a white star pattern by stencilling on white DecoArt media Gesso through a star stencil. I used one of DecoArt's stipple brushes for this. 

I only applied the stars to the outsides of the box sides, but I did both sides of the frame piece - back and front. 

In the meantime the DecoArt media Crackle Paint had done its magic...

... so I added some DecoArt Turquoise Sparkle to highlight the cracks and also add a bit of bling. 

The Word Shape and star were painted with DecoArt Americana Cinnamon Drop acrylic paint. 

Time to mount the clasps that hold the acrylic glass pane in place:

I inserted the small dowels into the holes at the back of the frame using a pair of pliers to hold them in place while I gently hammered them in with a plastic mallet. 

Then I placed the V-shaped pieces onto the dowels and held them in place with my pliers - making sure the prongs were placed close to the hole so I could gently hammer them to slide my small pieces onto the dowels without braking them.  (see image below)

Once the painted quote and my car were glued in place inside the box , I removed the protective sheets from the front and back of the acrylic glass and inserted it into the frame.

Again I used pliers to gently rotate the little hammered on clasps so they slid into the slots of the box and kept everything in place.

The red star was glued to the front and the hanging hook was glued to the back of the box using matte DecoArt Decou-Page.

Et voilá! My Christmas Box was ready to be put up on a wall! Yay! 

But as the box frame is quite deep, you can also put it on a table or your mantelpiece if you want to. 

I hope you like my little 
"Christmas Tree Transport Scene in a Box"! 

Wishing you
a very merry Christmas
happy holidays!!!!


Thursday, 7 December 2017

Countin' Numbers In My Head by Lesley

Howdy people.
I was doing maths homework with twin number one the other day, and she was explaining to me that although she enjoys it, she finds it very difficult as the numbers just swim around in her head and she can't get them onto paper. This was on my mind when i started to make this weeks piece....

I started out with a paper mache mask.....just the half variety one!
I primed it with gesso and then used blues and greens water reactive powder to create the background, leaving some of the white showing. Using a deep red and a gold ink, i flicked and dripped drops onto the mask.  I then sealed it with a semi gloss varnish as the colours would still move about if they came into contact with anything wet......and i am a messy cow!

I used heaps of the mini numbers, painting them with pearly pink ink. And then glued them randomly in place.

I then drizzled gloss onto the mask randomly and scattered teeny micro beads in various pink and gold shades.

Whilst this was drying, i secured lots of the numbers onto pink wire......this took ages! And then attached them to the back of the mask.

Right.......I'm off to do some more "numbers" with Iris. :)

Thanks for reading

Ingredients used

Sheet of mini MDF Numbers

Monday, 4 December 2017

Deep in the Forest - canvas by Julie Ann

Hello Everyone! I can hardly believe that we're in December already! I'd like to share a canvas I created to partner my Box of Winter Delights, which you can find here.

I plan to start decorating for the Festive Season very soon and when I do these two winter scenes will form part of our mantel-piece display. With this one I decided to reverse a little box canvas, gesso it and create a wintry backdrop with some scraps of cheesecloth.

With both these projects, a little German doll's head was actually my inspiration. With my box frame of winter delights the paper clay head formed part of my frame and she was a mischievous winter wood sprite. The other little head did not come out of my mould so perfectly. She was cracked and worn-looking...

but I liked that look and I wanted to use her. She reminded me of an ancient ornament - maybe one at the entrance to  a garden or park that has stood against the elements year on year.

Still and silent, what stories has she seen unfold in the deep woods? For this project I combined moss, garlands of Calico Craft Parts ivy, a tiny twig, lace and paper napkins to create a sense of Nature clothing the world even in the depths of winter.

I love how this Calico scene with deer invites us to explore the woods. It is as if they and the the crumbling stone head are leading us to enchantment. I wanted to keep the deer spectral, as if they had appeared out of a twilight mist, so I simply gave them a touch of taupe acrylic paint. The ivy garlands have just a hint of wintry green paint with a sprinkling of distress glitter. Gesso blobs help create a feel of newly fallen snow.

As I worked, adding layers of Calico craft parts to my reversed canvas, I thought about how snow can bring beauty to a broken and damaged landscape. Maybe the owl angel standing guard over the house in the woods and the deer who led us here want to remind us that there is hope for all that is broken in our beautiful world.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. The days will be growing busier as Christmas approaches, but I do hope that you will have the time to create something that evokes the beauty of the season for you.

Calico Craft Parts used in this project
Winter Deer Scene, style 6
Ivy Leaf Garland style 1
Ivy Leaf Garland shape style 2
Sheet of mini snowflake shapes 2
Sheet of mini street lights and Lamp posts style 3 (sign)

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Tidying Up my Bits and Bobs by Jennie

Hello Everyone and welcome on this last day of November - how the weeks and months seem to fly past!

We made a conscious decision recently to try and find storage in our house for the many bits and pieces that seem to get left around and I was looking for something to keep some of the little things that hover on the dressing table - earrings, a favourite brooch, necklace. All the things you wear quite regularly but don't seem to get put away.

I decided that the smallest of the lovely Calico Craft parts book/box kit would just fit the bill and so had great fun decorating it to (sort of) fit in with the colours in that area of the room.

The kit is very easy to assemble. I decided to put the box together first and then paint it as it wasn't too fiddly. I painted the insides all the same colour and scuffed it up a bit to make it look old!

Then the fronts got some crackle - I used DecoArt Crackle Paste with a palette knife as I thought this would be the easiest way of keeping that lovely spine. I was a bit haphazard about how I applied it as I wanted it to look distressed.

While the paints were out I painted some thick card with the same paint and then crackled a bit of it in order to cut out a leaf.

And then it was down to decorating the front - some of my usual suspects! and of course the lovely word element which got painted in the same chalk paint but then got sanded to look distressed.

I wanted to leave the inside with plenty of room to keep things. So a favourite photo on some torn book paper fitted the bill for the box.

And the opposite side a few more favourite elements and stamping.

Here are some more close ups:

I can't wait to play with one of these little boxes again and I already have a great idea which I will share next month. A little box like this would make a lovely present either for Christmas or a birthday and I am sure will be much loved by anyone receiving it.

Thank you for joining me today and I hope I have given you some ideas.

Happy crafting!

Jennie x

Live the Dream

Calico Craft Parts Used: